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Becoming a SAP Developer for the Automotive Industry: Inside Our Graduate Training Program

| minute read

At our company, we believe in creating progress and opportunity for all, and placing the people at the heart of everything is the way to achieve it. Starting on the 15th of April, we are placing ten people in a custom-tailored SAP Development Graduate program. It is a program that includes 6-month in-house lecture– and practice-based training modules on tools and technologies from the SAP domain. Here, preparation isn’t just a concept—it’s a way of life. Before launching the program, we sat together with Peter Engelke, Head of Automotive, Danny Robin Melcher, Project Manager, and Elena Popova, SAP Team Lead, who were happy to share details of the comprehensive training program. We are excited to uncover the insights and future perspectives of our conversation. Let’s delve into the details of what makes this initiative so promising.

Q1: How is the curriculum preparation going?  What is the lever of establishing the foundation?

When it comes to training, organization is key. We’ve meticulously crafted a curriculum complete with timetables and schedules, ensuring that every aspect is covered. This level of preparation is monumental, setting the stage for success from day one.

Q2: How do you plan to introduce the team to the program? What have you prepared for them?

The six-month training period is a journey designed to immerse participants in our culture and processes. The first touch point will be the welcome week in Sofia. After that, the Graduates will visit our office in Wolfsburg. Together, in June, we will join an All-Branches Conference Event in Hamburg, Germany, to feel the volume of the impact every employee has. During the program, it is planned to also spend time at the client plant where the team will see the vehicle production. Towards the end of the program, the graduates may come again for one week to Wolfsburg to participate in a client project. Every moment is carefully curated to foster inclusion and engagement. The combination of lectures, self-study, and project tasks in a close-to-reality environment ensures well-rounded individuals for real-world challenges.

Q3: What do you think about the candidates and the recruitment process?

Our recruitment process has exceeded expectations, attracting candidates with diverse skills and backgrounds. The efficiency of our hiring process speaks volumes, and we’re excited to welcome our graduates and monitor their progress. It was a good learning outcome for us that in a short hiring process, we could find such great candidates. They are very well prepared when they are coming out of university.

Q4: This is an excellent opportunity specifically because it is only six months. What do you think will happen to our graduates after they finish the program?

While the program lasts just six months, its impact extends far beyond graduation. Participants gain invaluable experience working on real projects. For sure, there will be a long path to becoming senior developers. But it is very likely after completing the program to start getting to know our projects, the customer, the customer needs, our teams, how we operate, and which technologies we are using in practice. And I think this knowledge will get them much faster into projects and a desired career development, they will straight-away be realizing value and purpose.

Another notion that we have is that some of the graduates of the first year will potentially become teachers in the third year. That is a cool career path. For us, setting the stage for future success is about accountability. With great excitement we are offering a career path that includes opportunities for mentorship and leadership roles, empowering individuals to reach their full potential.

Q5: How do you imagine the link with the customer will happen? How are we fostering collaboration with the client?

Our partnerships with customers further enrich the program, providing opportunities for hands-on projects, real-world applications, and further placements. We ran a previous program with a different technology, where we got in touch with our clients regarding the program. A few clients gave our graduates project work as a trial for four weeks at the client’s site. At the final presentations and in every case minimum of 2 of the graduates stayed at that project. It’s a big benefit for us, for the customer and most importantly for the graduates.

Q6: What is your vision for the future?

Our plan isn’t just for the short term; it’s a strategic vision for the years to come. By offering yearly classes and exploring opportunities to expand into other technologies or departments, we are staying relevant to society. With this initiative, we are hoping for a positive future for our company and the industry as a whole. By bridging the gap between academia and industry, we are also investing in sustainable growth ensuring that the fresh-out of university graduates are not just well-prepared, but actively sought after in the workforce.

Elena Popova, SAP Team Lead:


“The program is a great opportunity for career prospects and we are very proud that our company can provide it to our graduates.”

Sincerely thank you to the whole team Peter Engelke, Head of Automotive, Danny Robin Melcher, Project Manager, Matthias Rieken, and Erika Canko – our SAP Experts, Elena Popova, SAP Team Lead, and everyone involved in fulfilling this project. And best of luck to our graduates!

Join us on this journey as we redefine what it means to train the workforce of tomorrow. For more information about the program, please visit this page.



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