We are Sopra Steria

Sopra Steria, a major Tech player in Europe with 56,000 employees in nearly 30 countries, is recognised for its consulting, digital services and software development. It helps its clients drive their digital transformation and obtain tangible and sustainable benefits. The Group provides end-to-end solutions to make large companies and organisations more competitive by combining in-depth knowledge of a wide range of business sectors and innovative technologies with a fully collaborative approach. Sopra Steria places people at the heart of everything it does and is committed to putting digital to work for its clients in order to build a positive future for all. In 2023, the Group generated revenues of €5.8 billion. 

The world is how we shape it

Sopra Steria (SOP) is listed on Euronext Paris (Compartment A) – ISIN: FR0000050809
For more information, visit us at www.soprasteria.com


  • Top 5

    European digital services companies

  • 5.8B Euro

    of revenue in 2023

  • 56000


Bulgaria - we get IT done

We are more than service providers. We help our clients succeed by reaching creative solutions together, as partners. We do that by employing people with the brightest minds, who:​

  • get things done;​

  • are fun to work with;​

  • and add significant value to our clients, to our business, and to the society

People are valuable to us! Thanks to the dedication, high quality of work, and the culture in the teams, for a decade the company grew and became a preferred partner to work with and a certified employer by the Great Place to Work Institute.​

Sofia branch was established in 2014 as a subsidiary of Sopra Steria Custom Software Solutions (former it-economics GmbH), at the return of a long-time employee to his home country. Following the continuous expansion of the services and the team and growth through many large-scale projects in a virtual set-up, we are now 130 people.

Our Values


We excel

With our deep know-how, we are quality stewards because, at the end of the day, we want to be happy with our achievements. Sustainable and concrete results.

Client Focus

We co-create

We focus on our clients’ needs by understanding the business logic and the results aiming to reach. Our aim is to improve their performance and competitiveness.


We collaborate

Collective intelligence and a sense of belonging promote collaboration and increase engagement to shape the world around us.

Interdisciplinary Thinking

We are flexible and open-minded.

We encourage courage and curiosity. As in life – it requires wider knowledge. This is why our clients value our extended professional expertise.


We make a positive impact

We have established a working environment based on TRUST, where customers trust our expertise and we trust our teams are providing the best possible solution. 


We appreciate


We hear and see diverse perspectives, which spark creativity, drive the authentic self forward, and expand the individual knowledge and skills. 

Our Culture


We treat our people with respect, honesty, kindness, and tolerance. Everyone here is a full member of the team.

Fairness and trust are of core importance for the individual to help build strong team cohesion.

We focus greatly on cooperation and collaboration, this is how we become friends for life.


Our people are the primary driver of organizational performance and productivity.

We work in mixed, international teams, exploring, learning to step outside our comfort zone, expanding our boundaries and horizons, and trying new ways of tackling challenges.

We don’t criticize for fun. We give constructive, fact-based feedback in order to evolve professionally.


Our leaders are trustworthy, easy to talk to, competent, and honest.

Our flat hierarchy allows decisions to be made in short time frames, which facilitates the career development of our employees.

We trust people to achieve the best outcomes, give them responsibility, and express recognition.