What is the SAP Developer Graduate Program and our mission?

Become a full-time graduate SAP Developer for the Automotive industry and begin your programming journey in the dynamic domain of SAP Technologies. Learn, analyze, conceive, build, and implement sophisticated SAP Applications. Experience a supportive, collaborative, and motivational environment, where you will expand your thinking into new horizons.

We believe this opportunity to learn with peers and channel motivation to get specific and deep knowledge is a clear path to career advancement. Join the program and make an impact on one of the top European 500 companies.

Apply today and become tomorrow’s SAP development groundbreaker!

Admission is closed for 2024. Expect new admission in 2025.

We welcome graduates who are:

  • Currently pursuing a degree in informatics, maths, or a comparable education field
  • A recent graduate looking for their first big career launch or considering a career change
  • Possessing a basic understanding of business processes and functions
  • Familiar with or fluent in German, with a commitment to continuous language development

Why Become a Graduate SAP Developer in the Automotive Industry


Get paid from day 1 to become a SAP Developer, specializing in technologies for the automotive sector.
Receive an exclusive, tailor-made training curriculum with the opportunity to apply it straight away.
Work on business cases for enterprise-level clients to design, implement, and optimize SAP solutions.  
Get hands-on exclusive technology training on ABAP, GATEWAY, UI5, and more.
Become a valued full member of the team and enjoy all available benefits of the employment opportunity.
Benefit from a talent program to progress through a well-structured career development process.
Complete assignments and receive guidance, feedback, and support from our mentors and coaches.
Get the exclusive opportunity to travel to Germany and visit the Automotive plant.

Apply in 4 easy steps

You can apply for the job through the job posting on our website.
Our Recruitment Team invites candidates via phone for a technical case and a short interview.
Successful candidates are invited for a (technical) interview with the SAP experts.
At a positive outcome, we finalize the details and make the candidate an offer. Then your career in the SAP Development world is launched.

The Role of the SAP Developer

  • As a SAP developer, you will be part of the whole lifecycle of the Application Development;
  • You will be skilled in BW/4HANA technologies for the automotive sector;
  • You will be involved in our challenging projects in all functional areas of the automotive industry;
  • You support our well-known customers in analyzing, conceiving, and implementing innovative and sophisticated SAP BW/HANA and SAP BW/4HANA solutions.

Program Structure & Schedule

The program includes 6-month office-based lecture-type training modules on various tools and technologies. The training will be held at our office in NV Tower. More information on the training modules is below.

Some of the training modules and workshops that are planned are the following:

ABAP FIORI programming model

After completing the training modules, our graduate will begin project work and their responsibilities will broaden.

Selection of tools you will use

More than a Job

Company-funded specialized, in-demand training, ensuring a steady monthly income.


Industry-experienced lecturers for real-world relevance, networking, and knowledge.


Technologies widely used in high-capital companies offer a valuable professional investment opportunity.


An ultimate cultural, immersive and enriching interpersonal experience that lasts a lifetime.